Friends of Foxley Work Days  

All are welcome and any time you can give on the day will be most appreciated.

Tools and equipment are provided, but please wear appropriate clothes and

footwear and bring your own refreshments.

We usually meet at 10am on the last Wednesday and 11am on the second Sunday of the month.

Work Day notices are posted at all the main entrances to the wood and the recreation ground.

See below for more details - 

Upcoming Work Days in 2018


Wednesday 26th September

Sunday 14th October

Wednesday 31st October

Sunday 18th November (NOT the 11th)


Sunday 14th October

We need to bag up some more firewood and we will therefore be meeting at 11.00 a.m. at the entrance in Woodland Way to bag up an additional 24 bags for delivery to Alison for storage. We will then again have approx. 60 bags in store ready to meet further orders.

As usual please would you let Chris Parker know if you'll be able to make the work day - many thanks.

Wednesday 26th September


We will be meeting at 10.00 a.m. at the entrance in Woodland Way and the main task will be to bag up 24 bags of firewood and deliver for storage. We currently have 36 bags stored so we'll have 60 bags available to meet orders. 

If we have time we might also be able to cut back the vegetation encroaching on the middle path.


Sunday 9th September

The main task for Sunday's work day will be to strim and rake up the vegetation in John's (Picnic) Glade

and cut back the vegetation around the Junipers located there so we will be meeting at 11.00 a.m. at the entrance in Woodland Way.


Wednesday 29th August 

We need to bag up some firewood to make sure we enough in stock to meet demand in the Autumn. We will therefore be meeting at 10.00 a.m. at the entrance in Woodland Way and the intention is to extract as much as we can of the timber lying around the wood and move it to a suitable location along the top path. We'll cut it up and bag it at a later date.


Sunday 12th August

We will be meeting at 11.00 a.m. at entrance in Woodland Way and the main task for the day will be to finish cutting back the vegetation encroaching the top path to ensure good vehicle access up to Sherwood Oaks Field.

Croydon contractors have strimmed the top path from the start of the field to the pond as well as around the other picnic tables/benches located along the path but some small patches still need to be done as well as the area going down from the pond to the top of the steps leading down to Burwood Avenue so time permitting we should also be able to strim these areas as well.



Wednesday 25th July

Workday Cancelled 

Due to the very hot weather and beacuse several volunteers are on holiday or have other committments we are cancelling the Wednesday Workday.
Next workday - Sunday 12th August

Sunday 13th May

Nature Walk - All Welcome

We will meet at 2:30 pm at the Friends of Foxley Notice Board at the North end of Higher Drive Recreation Ground. Discover more about the range of lora and fauna in our Local Nature Reserve



Wednesday 28th March


We will be meeting at 10.00 a.m. at the entrance in Woodland Way when we'll hopefully finally

manage to get the 50 Hazel and 10 Whitebeam whips planted in one of the cleared areas along the bottom path.


Sunday 18th March

We have moved the workday from 11th to the 18th - because of the clash with Mother's Day

We will be meeting at 11.00 a.m. at the entrance in Woodland Way and the task for the day will be to plant 50 Hazel and 10 Whitebeam whips in the last felled area along the bottom path. 


Workday Wednesday 28th February


We will be meeting at 10.00 a.m. at the entrance in Woodland Way to bag up as much as we can to see us through to the end of March when we traditionally stop offering firewood unless the weather continues to be cold.



Workday Sunday 11th February


We will be meeting at 11.00 a.m. at the entrance in Woodland Way to strim and clear the vegetation from around the Sessile Oak whips near the badger sets as well andsaround the picnic tables and benches. Depending on how long that takes we may also be able to make a start on cutting back/removing some of the Rhododendrons encroaching the path before they begin flowering. Rhododendrons have beautiful flowers but they are very bad for bio-diversity, crowding out native woodland species using shade and chemical warfare so we have always made sure that they do not cross to the south of the path.


Workday Wednesday 31st January

Meeting at 10am at theBurwood Avenue entrance.

The main task for the day will be to strim and clear the vegetation from around the whips planted in the first felled area and possibly burn the brash. The whips will also need to be checked and any dead ones removed together with their tree guards. The tree guards of any whips which have outgrown their guards will also need to be removed.    



Workday Sunday 14th January

We will be meeting at 11.00 a.m. at the entrance in Woodland Way to bag up some more firewood logs to ensure we have a sufficient supply to meet further orders over the next couple of months. 


There is also a tree hung up along the top path just before you get to Sherwood Glade and the rec which could also perhaps be dealt with time permitting.



Workday Wednesday 29th November


 We will be meeting at 10.00 a.m. at the entrance in Woodland Way to continue with the following glade work:- 


(1) The vegetation encroaching the Junipers inside the deer fencing needs to be cut back and cleared and the deer fencing re-staked as necessary. 


(2) The strimming of the other glade needs to be finished and the glade raked. 


(3) Depending on how long the above takes we may also be able to cut back and remove the vegetation encroaching the Junipers in Sherwood Glade as well as the other Junipers located close by



Workday Wednesday 27th September


More details soon but the work will be the final preparations for the arrival of the cattle, probably later in the week. 


Workday Sunday 10th September


Meeting again at 11.00 a.m. at the picnic tables/benches along the top path where Sherwood Oaks Field starts and will be continuing with the strimming of the fence line. Approx. two thirds has now been done but we'll need to complete the work this time as we've now received confirmation the cattle are due to be delivered to site on Tuesday 26th September. We'll also need to clean out the water trough. 


 Workday Wednesday 30th August

We will meet at 10.00 a.m. at the picnic tables/benches along the top path where Sherwood Oaks Field starts and we will be continuing with the strimming of the fence line ready for the arrival of the cattle at the end of September.

Next Work Day Wednesday 23rd July


We will meet at 10.00 a.m. at the two picnic tables/benches at the far (pond) end of the top path.

The main task will be to continue strimming and cutting back the vegetation either side of the Sherwood Oaks Field fence line ready for the arrival of the cattle at the end of September. 

Another job that needs to be done is the cutting down of the branches overhanging the steps leading down from the Stag Beetle Loggery/Juniper Compound to Burwood Avenue. 



Next Work Day Sunday 9th July

Meet at 11.00 a.m. at the entrance in Woodland Way and there are two main tasks scheduled for the day:-

(1) John's (Picnic) Glade needs to be strimmed and raked ready for the school summer holidays. The vegetation encroaching the Junipers located there will also need to be cut back and removed.

(2) A very large cherry tree has snapped its trunk and fallen over next to the nature trail indicator post in Higher Drive Recreation Ground and will need chainsawing to clear it. 


Next Work Day Sunday 12th February


We will be meeting at 11.00 a.m. at the entrance in Woodland Way and the first task will be to plant 20 Purging Buckthorn and 20 Wych Elm whips.


We also have enough wood to repair one of the steps leading down from the bottom of Sherwood Oaks Field to Burwood Avenue. 

Unfortunately some unkind person has dumped a huge number of beer cans at the Burwood Avenue entrance so another job would be to collect these cans and tidy the entrance.



Next Work Day Wednesday 25th May


We will meet at the Woodland Way entrance and then go to the lower path to remove all the deer fencing from the around the felled areas. Then we will strim and clear the Charcoal Glade and the top path of undergrowth.



Next Work Day:  Sunday 10th April 2016

Details TBA




Next Work Day:  Wednesday 27th January 2016




We will now be meeting at Carl's place at 10.00 a.m. to bag up the logs for firewood before going to the Woodland Way entrance to sort out some other logs and poles. Any new volunteers wishing to participate please email us for directions at 








Work Day Reports:

Sunday  8th May 2016

A new bench and table was installed in the Picnic Glade to replace the old one that had rotted away. Oak planks cut from fallen trees in the wood were use for the seal and table top with legs made from reclained telegrapg poles.

Tuesday 29th March 2016

We cleared two trees that had come down in the recent winds - one in Sherwood Glade and one on the bottom path. In the afternoon we pollarded a sycamore tree at the far end of Sherwood Oaks Field, burning the brash and saving he larget pieces for firewood. This will allow more light into that part of the field and more trees will be similarly cut back in the future.






Wednesday 27th May

The clippings around the new junipers from the last workday were removed and collars were place around them to inhibit the grass etc. 
SOme rubbish from the most recently clear-felled are was removed to the Burwood Aveneue entrance pending collection by the Council.
Dear fencing near the bottom path was removed as it has done it job.


Sunday 10th May

The vegetation around small junipers in the newly planted area was cut back to give the young trees a better start in life.  

Tree guards were replaced or removed around the hazels in the coppiced area near the charcoal glade and some netting stakes were replace in te junier glade.

Sunday 12th April

Steps were repaired with rotted ones being dug out and renewed on the path leading down to Northwood Avenue, the path below Sherwood Oaks Field and the top step of the middle set leading from the recreation ground.


Bill and Mick at work on the steps near Northwood Avenue and the finished job.


Wednesday 25th March

The deer fencing protecting the seven Junipers in Sherwood Glade and the two near the Stag Beetle Loggery were replaced with 6ft  treated softwood poles to create two single protected areas which will now be much easier to manage. It also looks much more attractive. The area was also strimmed, raked and the vegetation cleared before the poles were installed and the deer fencing re-erected.
A large amount of cut bramble in Sherwood Oaks Field which had been left from earlier volunteer work was raked up and removed.


Sunday8th March 2015

The Ash saplings growing in Sherwood Oaks Field where removed including mattocking out a number of large roots. The cut stems were then used to create a habitat by a nearby tree. Brambles were cleared from around the Stag Beetle Loggery and the chalk area raked over to disturb the ground ready for the sowing of the Kidney Vetch seeds which were broadcast and watered in.




Wednesday 29th October

Unluckily we had the wettest day of the Indian Summer - but we fixed the Biffa plaque on its pole and strimmed a large area of brambles in Sherwood Oaks Field ready for the youth volunteers on 15th November.

20th-24th October

The path work was completed by the Dowlands Project with help from FoF volunteers - it is now possible to walk a circuit of the woods without getting ankle deep in mud, even od the wettest days.

Sunday 12th October

Vegetation encroaching the sections of path to be surfaced as well as any branches overhanging the paths were cleared. Some tree felling was necessary to prevent dead/split branches hanging being a safety.  Any suitable logs were taken to the Charcoal Glade and stacked ready for conversion into firewood.

Wednesday 24th September

The stock pen by the entrance to Sherwood Oaks Field was claeared of brambles and an area on the edge of the field was strimmed and prepared for juniper planting. 


Sunday 14th September

The cuttings in the glade were raked up and cleared onto the dead hedges. The volunteers helped us split and bag up 40 bags of firewood. The volunteers were shown how a tree surgeon uses ropes and a Prusik Knot to scale a tree and most took up the opportunity to have a go themsleves. The day ended with a log-sawing race where two teams competed against each other - light hearted but quite competitive!

Thanks the the young volunteers from  NCS - the Challenge 



Wednesday 27th August

Most of the day was spent preparing for the  NCS - the Challenge volunteer work day:-
The Juniper Glade and the glade next to it was strimmed ready for raking by the volunteers and some of the deer netting stakes were replaced. 
Wood piles were prepared and moved ready for cutting up into logs. 

In addition a branch hanging low over the bottom path was cut back, the Notice Board was repaired and the padlocks on the stock pen gates were checked and oiled ready for the return of the cattle.

Sunday 10th August 

Work was done mostly around  Sherwood Glade where a branch which had split from a willow tree in was cut down and cleared, the vegetation encroaching the seven junipers was cut back and cleared and the glade was partially strimmed.

The Butterfly Glade was also strimmed as were the scalloped areas of the path leading down from Sherwood Glade to the bottom path. Sherwood Glade was also .  

The vegetation was also cleared around the junipers either side of the Stag Beetle loggery and the junipers in the Butterfly Glade.

The holly hedge at the lower entrance to Higher Drive Recreation Ground was cut back.

All the cut vegetation was raked and cleared.

Wednesday 30th July

 The Caterpillar track dumped on the slope leading down to Northwood Avenue was rolled down to the Northwood Avenue entrance.  A pile of rubbish removed from behind the bungalow was also taken down to the entrance for collection by Croydon Council. 
Branches which had split from a willow tree in Sherwood Glade together with branches of another tree which were hanging low over the field fence were cut down and removed.
The vegetation bordering the fence line along the top path from Sherwood Glade to the pond was mowed, strimmed and cleared.
The vegetation encroaching the middle path from Sherwood Glade up to the Juniper Glade was cut back and removed.


Sunday13th July

The vegetation encroaching the section of bottom path from the Burwood Avenue entrance up to point where it enters the wood was strimmed, raked and cleared. Two paths leading off the bottom path leading up to Sherwood Oaks Field were also partially strimmed and the vegetation raked and cleared. Some small sycamore trees were also cut down.


Wednesday 25th June 2014

The vegetation around various Juniper plantings, glades and some picnic tables were cleared.

Some rubbish was removed from a few locations and an overhanging branch near the pond removed. 

Some of our older oak tree plantings had failed so the tree guards were taken away for future re-use.



Sunday 8th June 2014

The area around the six junipers near Sherwood Oaks Field was cleared and the cuttings removed.  The path down to the top af the steps was also mowed. During the workday toads, frogs, mice and bank voles were sighted.*

*No mammals or amphibians were harmed during this workday (can't say the same for the mossies).


Wednesday 28th May 2014

The loggery was completed and we hope the stag beetles will find it to their liking. Two reptile refuges were also created near Burwood Avenue. A large hung up branch was cleared in the Recreation Ground as well as some branches overhanging paths in the wood. Vegetation was cleared around where we have planted kidney vetch.


Sunday 11th May 2014

Four volunteers attended and six members of the public came along for the guided walk. In addition the area around the picnic tables on the top path was strimeed and some overhanging branches on the bottom path removed. Work was started for a Countryfile  style loggery by digging a pit to sink the logs into.


Wednesday 30th April 2014

Eight volunteers attended in the morning and the large notice board in the recreation ground was re-set with concrete spurs to repair the damage caused when had blown down in the winter storms. After lunch three volunteers visited the spot in the middle of the wood to clear more rubbish and two youths there were challenged about their behaviour.


Sunday 13th April 2014

Three volunteers attended and some deer fencing was re-staked, a fallen tree was cut back to keep the bottom path clear and some rubbish was removed from a spot in the middle of the wood.


Wednesday 26th March 2014

Seven volunteers planted a combination of 120 hazel, sessile oak, hornbeam and service trees near the bottom path. Some deer fencing was repaired and a fallen tree was cross-cut.


Sunday 9th March 2014

Three volunteers attended the work day.

Continuation of the previous work day tasks including raking and clearing the accumulated brash.


Wednesday 26th February 2014

Six volunteers attended the work day. 

Continuation of the previous work day tasks clearing and removing brash.the felled area along the bottom path ready for replanting a project.


Sunday 9th February 2014

Six volunteers attended the work day.

Two trees were cleared which had fallen in Higher Drive Recreation Ground, re-staked a tree guard protecting a sessile oak whip located along the bottom path and started clearing a felled area along the bottom path ready for replanting.


Wednesday 29th January 2014

Six volunteers attended the work day.

Despite the rain, logs were cut and split to produce 13 bags of firewood.

Sunday 12th January 2014

Five volunteers attended the work day.

Completed clearing the blockage on the path running along the bottom of Sherwood Oaks Field to Burwood Avenue as well as two large trees which had fallen across the middle path.
Two large Ash and Oak branches were removed for health and safety reasons and brash removed.


Saturday 11th January 2014

Three volunteers attended this additional work day.

Five trees blocking various paths were removed including the brash.
Clearing commenced on a further two blockages on paths leading down from the recreation ground to the picnic tables/seats located on the top path.


Sunday 8th December 2013

Seven volunteers attended the work day.
Ash saplings which had been cut down on the previous work day were removed and most of the brambles growing under the trees at the far (pond) end of Sherwood Oaks Field were strimmed and burnt.
Two sections of the oak which had fallen near the badger sets were chainsawed and planked to create into seats.